Rovin Instant Jelly powder with Melon flavour

Rovin Instant Jelly powder with Melon flavour


Instant jelly powder produced by Rovin helps housewives quickly make delicious, and extremely fast desserts for their family. With cooling-off properties for the body, does not contain many calories, it is suitable for all families.


Boil 300ml of water, then lower the heat and pour 1 pack 60g of Instant Jelly powder into it. Keep stirring approx. 3 minutes. Pour the pudding solution into moulds. When the jelly slowly solidifies, put it into refrigerator. Best serve chilled.

Ingredients: 75% re-fined sugar, 20% jelly powder, Non-dairy creamer, melon flavour, natural food coloring (E160d(i)).

Preservation: Store in a cool dry place

Expiry date: 2 years from date of manufacture

Specification: 60g x 5 packs x 12 blocks /1 carton